Monday, August 9, 2010

Updates Updates Updates......

There are so many things going on! My book is now available on Amazon! That is so exciting! Select books, search my name and you'll be taken straight to my book!  Beyond the Clouds: 2 minute tales for women on the go.

I spoke to the sixth grade girl’s of our church at a lock-in on Purity. I know I’m not really the best example but I think it went pretty well. I had planned on posting the outline to my talk on here but I went a bit off topic and I was so sleep deprived I barely remember what I said or how I said it. I’m usually in bed fast asleep by 9:30pm but I was doing the talk at like 10 or 11. The girls had so many questions. I was surprised but thankful for their honesty. They really are good kids.

The youth Pastor has recently come to me and said that he’s received a few messages about my talk……ALL good things! Praise The Lord! I know that complaints are all a part of the job but I am glad there aren’t any just yet. He has asked me to be a part of the youth’s fall retreat in October. I am completely flattered and so excited. I am so thankful to Susanne Scheppmann (of Proverbs 31 ministries) for pointing me in this direction. She is an awesome public speaker and published author. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have met her while I lived in Las Vegas.

One more bit of news…….I was asked to write a few articles for a magazine! Again I met an awesome couple in Vegas (The Reicherts). They have a magazine called Creative Child. They have started a new one called The Family Grapevine. I wrote three articles for them to choose from for the August issue and will do the same for September. It’s very exciting to have a third party publish my material! I can’t wait to see what they choose and how it looks in glossy print!!!

~God Is Good. All The Time.~