Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So many things!

So many things are happening with my writing!  I have put my first novel aside.  I started it and even posted it on here.  The problem is, I think it's more my guilty pleasure and not anything that anyone would actually want to buy.  I started my second instead.  Now, I've not scratched the first idea or what I've written.  Just put it aside.

I had the first chapter of my second novel finished when Megan (my cousin) and I decided to self publish a book of short stories.  So I put my second novel aside for a few months while we worked on this new project. 

The book; Beyond the Clouds- 2 minute tales for women on the go, is very unique.  It is a book of short stories written by seven different authors.  All of whom are women!  The great part about this book is that we a donating all of the profits to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

The book will be available for purchase March 31, 2010 through amazon.com!!!!!!  Check us out on facebook or follow our blog!